Carolyn Hilliard

Special guest

Carolyn Hilliard is one of the leads for Dinosoul, an American dark pop, indie rock band formed by partners Donny Donovan (vocals, guitar) and Carolyn (vocals, keyboards) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2016. Steven Hilliard, Carolyn’s brother, joined shortly after as the lead guitarist and Glenn Durham finalized the group on drums. In 2018, Mike Zelenka joined as the bassist.

​Dinosoul's sound is a merge of electronic drum hip-hop/metal beats with indie-pop new wave guitar rhythms. It is then layered with ambient synth and keyboard piano melodies, topped off with intricate guitar leads and two female vocalists - one lower and raspy, and the other angelic and airy. The raw, haunting vocals of Donny coupled with Carolyn's angelic harmonies make for an experience that is guaranteed to stay with you.

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